Free XMPP or Jabber Account on XMPP.CLUB

Written by:
Mr. Jean Louis
Phone: +256706271008
XMPP or Jabber chat:
Kampala, Uganda

Welcome to XMPP.CLUB. If you are looking for free XMPP or Jabber account feel free to apply with us. Information required is your name, email and/or phone.

If you don’t provide email, your information will be sent to your phone number and vice versa.

Remember that you have to enter some message for this application to work. Tell us something and not too short!

Your XMPP username will be generated based on the name or nick name you supply and if you suggest username, that one will be used by priority.

Let us chat on XMPP.

Apply for FREE XMPP or Jabber Account on XMPP.CLUB

XMPP or Jabber Chat Club on XMPP.CLUB welcomes new members to join and open up your new and free XMPP or Jabber account. Distributed XMPP or Jabber chat helps you connect with your friends and associates. Get your free XMPP or Jabber chat account on XMPP.CLUB. Simply fill the form below.

Full name:



Desired username:

You have to write some message here, at least you may greet us or say words of appreciation to administrator Louis.


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